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The 10% Initiative
The 10% Initiative Can Make a Difference.

Giving is a personal choice and individuals have many reasons why they give ... some for the memorable experience, some as a moral obligation, and some because they just believe in the cause, mission, or purpose.

The 10% Initiative is really very simple. We are challenging each individual donor to increase last year’s giving by ten percent. That means, if you gave $25 last year, would you consider giving $27.50? If you gave $100, would you consider $110? Just add ten percent to last year’s gift. The increment may not seem significant but, in aggregate, more than $600,000 could be generated for the College in this way. That amount provides a lot of opportunities for our students.

The 10% Initiative is also a challenge to increase the number of donors by ten percent. That would mean an additional 274 donors over last year, which would then translate into even more opportunities.

Be a part of The 10% Initiative and help Moravian meet the challenge of providing an affordable education to deserving students. You truly can make a difference.

"As a recipient of several scholarships from Moravian, I am inspired to pass on the gift of education I received nearly 30 years ago. It is one of the few gifts that actually changes lives. As a lifelong advocate for change, I fully support increasing my donation to my alma mater.”

Honnie Spencer ’90

“I am committed to success for our women's basketball program and always ask our athletes to give 110%. That extra ten percent makes a difference. I believe in Moravian College and that’s why I'm giving an extra ten percent this year to support Annual Giving.”

Mary Beth Spirk
Head Women’s Basketball Coach

“We have been educating young men and women for 270 years. As one who has been here 46 of those years, I believe in our mission. In these challenging times, The 10% Initiative will help ensure our continuing success as educators for generations to come.”

George Diamond
Professor of English

“We understand the current demands for colleges today to increase the level of funding for their students, and we are happy to continue to support Moravian College Greyhounds and their efforts.”

John and Kathy Dolan
Parents ’13