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Medieval Studies

Minor Only

The medieval studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines the art, history, literature, music, and philosophy of the middle ages. The program seeks to increase students' knowledge of the middle ages and appreciation for the ways in which medievalists draw on interdisciplinary methodologies and sources. Courses taken as part of study abroad may work well within this minor. If you are interested in pursuing the medival studies minor, please contact Dr. John Black, coordinator of the medieval studies minor.


Five course units, including History 116 (Medieval Europe), English 350 (Chaucer) or 355 (Literature and Culture of Medieval Britain), Medieval Studies 370 (Capstone), and two other courses from the list below. Students must take courses in at least three disciplines; in other words, at least one of the two elective courses must come from a discipline outside of English or history. Medieval Studies 370 is the capstone course for the minor. As for all independent study courses, students must have a QPA of at least 2.70 to enroll. The minor requirements cannot be fulfilled without successful completion of the capstone course.

Art 113 Global Perspectives in Art History to the Renaissance
English 350* Chaucer
English 355* Literature and Culture of Medieval Britain
History 117 England through the Reign of Elizabeth
History 119 Arab-Islamic Civilizations
History 237 Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
History 238 Women in Europe, 500-1700
Music 281 Western Music to 1750
Philosophy 243 Medieval Philosophy


* Whichever is not selected as the required course above.