Making a Difference for Moravian Students Through Internships

One of the most meaningful ways for alumni and friends of Moravian to help students is by providing them with internship opportunities and real life experiences that support their career development. There are two main ways for you to support internships: creating an internship opportunity and funding an internship stipend.

Creating an Internship Opportunity

Working with a member of the Career Development office or the Institutional Advancement office of Moravian, you can make an internship opportunity at your business or company known to the student body. Hiring a Moravian intern reconnects you with your alma mater and, most importantly, supports the hands-on approach of a Moravian education. Internships help Moravian students and graduates distinguish themselves in the job market with practical, real-world experience.

To learn more about offering internship opportunities to Moravian students, please contact Amy Saul, Director of Career Development at 610-861-1509.

Funding an Internship Stipend

Many students today could benefit from funds to support them while participating in an internship program. By making a gift in support of an internship stipend at Moravian you may create an opportunity for a student to pursue an internship who may not be able to afford an unpaid position otherwise. An internship stipend could support travel and living expenses for a student with an internship that is not close to campus or the student’s home. This type of financial support directly impacts a student and their educational experience at Moravian and in life. A minimum commitment of $1,000 per year is required to provide an internship stipend to a Moravian student.

To learn more about funding an internship stipend at Moravian, please contact Gary Carney, Vice President, at 610-625-7910.