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Moravian Assistant Football Coach Part of Super Bowl Team

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)—Will Luca, an assistant football coach at Moravian College, will be part of the organization team for Super Bowl XXXVIII, to be held Sunday, February 1, in Houston, Texas.

Luca got the job through his father, Pete Luca, who works for Ridgeway International, subcontracted by the National Football League to organize transportation for the Super Bowl since 1992. He is responsible for traffic patterns, parking regulations and enforcement, and all transportation for the teams after they arrive in the host city.

Will Luca will be part of the security team, which has been increased because of terrorism concerns at such a crowded event with international media attention.

“ ‘Bouncer’ is probably the best way to put it,” he said.

Because this is his first time assisting with the game, Luca says he knows little about his specific duties. “I’ll probably be guarding a taco stand,” he joked.

He will be in Houston from January 26 to February 3.

Luca graduated from Kutztown University, where he was an offensive lineman on the football team. This is his first season on Moravian’s athletic staff. He coaches the Greyhounds’ offensive line.