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News Release

Moravian College announces new scholarships for Latino transfer students


(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) - Moravian College today announced it will offer two additional scholarships per year for Latino transfer students - one from Northampton Community College, the other from Lehigh Carbon Community College. The College made the announcement today at a press conference held in conjunction with the Latin Alliance of the Lehigh Valley.

"Moravian College is proud to work with the Latin Alliance to provide greater opportunities in higher education for Latino students in the Lehigh Valley region, and is very proud of the progress accomplished in diversifying our campus and student body during the past few years," said Chris Hayes, the Director for Multicultural Recruiting at Moravian College.

In the fall of 2001, 3% of the freshman class was comprised of students of color, and only a year later, in fall of 2002, that figure tripled to more than 9% of the freshman class. "Hopes are even higher for next fall's new class and early indicators are very good." Hayes said.

Hayes attributes the success rate to active recruiting for a more diverse community at Moravian College and to a significant increase in financial aid assistance to students of color that offers more than $500,000 per year to minority students accepted for admission to the College. The third component is cultivating close relationships with important community organizations such as the Latin Alliance.

"By implementing this new scholarship program, Moravian College reaffirms a commitment that is shared with all colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley - to reflect and embrace the growing diversity of the region, and to provide students of color every opportunity to grow, to learn, and to build their futures on the College campus," Hayes concluded.

For more information on these and other scholarship opportunities at Moravian College, contact the Office of Admissions, 610-861-1320.