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Computer Science Team Wins Collegiate Programming Contest

BETHLEHEM, Pa. October 25, 2004 – A team of computer science majors from Moravian College recently took first place at the Consortium for Computer Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) Student Programming Contest 2004.

The contest required students to solve up to six programming problems within two and a half hours. The team that solved the most problems correctly in the allotted time and with a minimum of “penalty points” won the contest. All solutions had to be written in either C++ or Java, and were restricted by an execution time limit.

Moravian’s team had solved three correct answers on the fist submission, and had nearly finished a fourth, when time ran out. Moravian’s champions were students John Seligman ‘05, Bethlehem; Jeff Feist ‘06, Bethlehem; and Robert Koepplinger ’07, Easton. All students are computer science majors.The first place prize was $300 and copies of Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET, a C++ developing tool.

The contest took place at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, and included 86 students in 28 teams representing eastern schools in both the college and the high school divisions. The college division included Bard College and Ramapo College, which took second and third place, respectively. This year’s contest was the first in which Moravian College competed.

The contest was similar to a larger, annual event run by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), which will be held in November at Wilkes University. Two Moravian teams will be participating.