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“Bush Believes He’s Divinely Chosen to Lead America” Says Expert on Religion and Politics

BETHLEHEM, Pa. October 26, 2004 – “George W. Bush, as a result of a conversion experience years ago, sincerely believes he is divinely chosen to lead America today; to this his advisors have helped him add related evangelical convictions about the struggle of good vs. evil in history,” says Dr. G. Clarke Chapman Jr., professor of religion at Moravian College. “He seeks to appeal to religious voters who worry about changing sexual mores and who wish less government action concerning the complexities of modern society—except in perceived cases of national security.”

Chapman teaches the course “Religion and Politics,” at Moravian and can provide in-depth commentaries on issues of religion and the effect on the current political campaigns. Chapman is available to the media for expert verbal and written commentary, analysis, and op-ed contributions.

“John F. Kerry has been Roman Catholic all his life but his New England temperament restrains him in speaking publicly about his faith,” Chapman stated. “Concerning most issues other than private sexual mores he represents the consensus of Catholic (and mainstream Protestant) social policies: a more activist responsibility of government in dealing with social problems, adherence to traditional Just War theory, and an internationalist vision of collaboration towards goals of justice and peace.”

Dr. Chapman received his Ph.D. from Boston University in modern theology. During his studies, he has traveled to Germany several times for research at the University of Tubingen, West Germany. Chapman has taught a basic religion course at Moravian for over 30 years, as well as, ethics, and modern theology and its interaction with culture. He has taught a course in Global Issues for Core Curriculum. His interests include German and American theology, liberation theologies, and the implication of faith for modern society. Dr. Chapman is the author of Facing the Nuclear Heresy and has teaches a course on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, both of which reflect his ongoing interest in issues of peace-making and social justice.