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News Release

Students to Endure the Elements to Raise Awareness of Inadequate Housing

BETHLEHEM, Pa. October 26, 2004-- Moravian Colleges students will turn the lawn in front of Comenius Hall on Main Street into a shanty town of cardboard shelters to raise awareness of the plight of those suffering from inadequate housing.

The Moravian College Habitat for Humanity Chapter will experience the harshness of living outdoors for a 24-hour period beginning Wednesday morning. More than 30 students will participate in “Empathy through Experience: A Day without Adequate Housing.”

“Students will begin setting-up on Wednesday morning, and will stay out, essentially living in cardboard boxes through the night, into Thursday morning,” said Eric Kratz ’07 (Parsippany, N.J.), president of the College Habitat for Humanity Chapter. “We hope to engage other student organizations giving them boxes to decorate and live in for the day. The campaign, dubbed “cardboard city” is a common awareness project employed by Collegiate Habitat Chapters in colleges and universities across the country,” Kratz continued.

Moravian College Habitat for Humanity will use Comenius Hall’s central location to engage students and the local community. The group also plans to set-up signs with phrases such as “Got Shelter?” and other facts about substandard housing here in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.