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News Release

Global Simulation Workshop at Moravian Turns Students into Global Leaders for 3 Hours

Bethlehem, Pa., November 5, 2004 -- More than 200 Moravian students from 15 different classes recently learned what its like to run the world for an afternoon. The Leadership Center at Moravian College held a global simulation workshop run by o.s.Earth, Inc., titled How Would You Run the World?

The Global Simulation Workshop is an innovative 3-hour program that lets students become world leaders responsible for running the world. Divided into teams, players represent geopolitical regions (for example, Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, South Asia); multinational conglomerates of corporations; and global organizations dedicated to special issues such as health, human rights, and the environment. Teams trade resources both concrete and abstract: wealth, technology, solutions, infrastructure, natural resources, and more.

In the process, the workshop builds leadership and teamwork skills and inspires students to explore the political, economic, and social challenges facing the world today. This educational experience is the direct descendant of the "World Game Workshop," which has been brought to over 2,000 schools in 35 countries.

“As part of our effort to increase students' understanding of leadership and awareness of global issues, we sponsored the workshop to provide students with a unique introduction to the way the world often operates,” said Dr. Michelle Schmidt, co-director, The Leadership Center. “The workshop is a valuable learning tool that serves to supplement course content and challenge students to consider new perspectives on the social, economic, and political climates of countries around the world.”

Headquartered near Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, o.s.Earth, Inc. provides experiential, simulation-based learning and training about world resources and issues. Its flagship product is the Global Simulation Workshop. Developed over a 30 year period by the World Game Institute, an internationally recognized think tank and non-profit organization, the Global Simulation Workshop inspires its participants to explore the political, economic, and cultural challenges that face the world today.