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News Release

Main Street to open today as Pedestrian Island nears completion

Renovations that beautify roadway will calm traffic, and improve safety

Main Street(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) – Main Street in Bethlehem will open on Monday, May 5, after being closed for two months while Moravian College completed its Main Street Renovation Project. With the roadwork complete, the detours will be removed and traffic will begin to flow through the attractive new roadway. The project was designed to increase pedestrian safety on Main Street, enhance the appearance of the campus, while supporting Moravian’s active and continuing partnership with the City in its beautification efforts.

Main Street now features a landscaped and lighted pedestrian island on the block between the Elizabeth Avenue and Locust Street intersections. Two new brick crosswalks added at the intersection of Main and Locust Streets and in the center of the block will help drivers see pedestrians crossing the street. The island makes the street safer and does not alter the flow of vehicular traffic from its previous pattern. The three lanes for northbound traffic at the Elizabeth Ave. intersection—one to continue north, a right turn lane, and a left turn lane—remain.

The new sidewalks, curbs, street lighting, banner poles, street trees, and landscaping have transformed the block into a more attractive and safer streetscape. The center median is covered with juniper and barberry and has focal points at each end, planted with seasonal flowers. The College logo and name is proudly displayed on the three lighted Moravian banner posts spaced along the length of the divider.

With the roadwork complete, there are still a number of finishing touches the College will finalize this week. Green Ash trees (diameter of 5” to 5-1/2”) will be planted on both sides of the street on Tuesday, May 6. Over time, the Green Ashes should provide a canopy that will almost touch at the center of the street. By Friday, May 9, the new entryways on both sides of Main Street that tie-in with the brick crosswalk on Main Street will be completed. The entryways include new pillars and wing walls of limestone and iron rail, lantern lighting, and landscaping.

The contractors for the project were Semmel Excavating, Keystone Engineering, Spillman Farmer, Baldwin/Surry, Green Valley Landscaping, Roth & Ellis, Handwerks, and Albarell.