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News Release

Moravian Launches Student-Run Professional Design Studio

StudioSouth offers graphic design services to campus and beyond

Bethlehem, Pa., December 10, 2004–Moravian College has launched a student-run professional graphic design program called StudioSouth. Four senior graphics design majors, with the assistance of associate professor Ann Dutlinger, chair of the Art Department at the college, conceptualized and created this unique business venture in the fall. StudioSouth offers graphic design and advertising services to the campus community, as well as to the community-at-large.

The studio team will design projects from posters to pamphlets. The $15 per hour fee they charge is approximately one third to one quarter the cost a commercial design team would charge, and StudioSouth ensures a quality product.

Dutlinger conceived the idea for the design team in October when she realized how many graphics design majors are in this year’s graduating class. “I started brain-storming when I walked into the room, saw 25 seniors, and panicked,” she said. “All graphics design majors are required to participate in an internship before they graduate. With 25 seniors, internships may be scarce, so StudioSouth is a perfect fix: a great opportunity to get some real practice and pieces into the seniors’ portfolios, gain first-hand experience, and receive credit for an internship. It also provides a work-study experience for many students.”

With monies earned from product design sales, students are paid $6 an hour, while the remaining money funds the purchase of needed software. Dutlinger advises that, “Graphics design software changes every six months. We need the newest software to stay up to date and to give students practical skills on software they will be using in the workforce.”

Students Kristine Kotsch, Katrina McDaniel, Heather Tita-Kunkel, and Patrick St. John, collaborated to get the design team up and running. They conducted an independent research study and developed a marketing plan for the creation of StudioSouth, and designed the StudioSouth logo, order forms and website. Eight projects have been completed to date.

For more information about StudioSouth, please visit their website at http://home.moravian.edu/public/art/studioSouth/index.htm.