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News Release

Moravian commended by Bethlehem Health Bureau for street improvements

Citizen’s Traffic Advisory Committee sees improvements as a model

Main Street(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)—The Bethlehem Bureau of Health’s Citizen Traffic Advisory Committee (CTAC) recently praised Moravian College for its proactive approach to increasing pedestrian safety and making the City more “walker friendly.”

“The lighted crosswalk on Elizabeth Avenue and medial strip that your institution has constructed has not only beautified your campus but it has also improved environmental conditions that will aide in reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities across the city,” said Sherri L. Penchishen, R.D., M.P.H., Director of Chronic Disease and Health Education Programs, Bethlehem Bureau of Health. “These two improvements will be added to the list of CTAC successes and hopefully be used as models in other cities across the state.”

Last summer, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation collaborated with the College to install a lighted pedestrian crosswalk on Elizabeth Avenue at Monocacy Street. The crossing was the first of its type in Eastern Pennsylvania. The pedestrian triggered system features lights imbedded in the crosswalk that flash sequentially to alert drivers that someone is entering the crosswalk.

During April of this year, Moravian constructed a landscaped and lighted pedestrian island on the block between the Elizabeth Avenue and Locust Street intersections. Two new brick crosswalks added at the intersection of Main and Locust Streets and in the center of the block help drivers see pedestrians crossing the street. The island makes the street safer without altering the flow of vehicular traffic from its previous pattern.

The new sidewalks, curbs, street lighting, banner poles, street trees, and landscaping have transformed the block into a more attractive and safer streetscape. The center median is covered with juniper and barberry bushes and has focal points at each end, planted with seasonal flowers. The College logo and name are proudly displayed on the three lighted Moravian banner posts spaced along the length of the divider.