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News Release

Moravian College to implement new parking rules

New policy to improve parking conditions on campus and surrounding neighborhoods

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)- Moravian College will implement a new parking policy beginning August 15 that will improve parking conditions on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. The new policy addresses three major goals: add new spaces; better utilize existing spaces; and emphasize existing and revised parking policies.

Earlier this year, Moravian's parking task force adopted the new policy after consulting with Trans Associates (parking consultant) of Harrisburg during the fall of 2002. The College took the initiative in response to articulated concerns about parking on the part of various college constituencies and neighbors. The six-member College task force engaged the campus and surrounding community in the process, working closely with a six-member neighborhood task force, and the consultant-to ensure all the key issues were addressed.

The College has operationalized the recommendations of the task force groups and the consultant, resulting in a number of actions. During the fall, the College will increase the number parking spaces on campus by creating new parking areas north of Elizabeth Avenue.

To improve the utilization of existing spaces, the College has changed the way its lots are designated, creating categories-resident, premium resident, faculty/staff/commuter, and faculty/staff. "This action is intended to reflect the parking practices of various constituencies, separating transient, daily in-and-out parking from parking of potentially longer duration," said Sean Tallarico, director of campus safety, and chair of the parking task force.
The College hopes to reduce the number of people who park in its lots with expired stickers by switching from decals to hanging tags/stickers. "Once decals are applied to bumpers, they remain there, providing license to park in our lots for some who have long left Moravian or sold their cars or both! The intention is to require all faculty, staff, and students with cars to have one hanging tag to which a yearly decal will be affixed," said Tallarico.

All College-affiliated cars are now required to display the hanging tags/stickers, even if parked in the street. "This will provide the College with more accurate information about parking practices and more control in terms of addressing parking issues related to street parking," exclaimed Tallarico.

To garner greater compliance with the new policy, fees and fines for violations will be increased. Campus Safety will be conducting license plate checks on a regular basis in order to ascertain who is parking on streets adjacent to the College. Even those parked on the street must have a hanging tag/sticker.

Unless granted special written permission for one of three reasons (medical, employment, distance), no freshmen are allowed to have vehicles within a half-mile of campus.

To ease parking at both the Main Campus and Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus in historic Bethlehem, the College has secured a reduced parking rate for Moravian Students with the Liberty Center Parking Garage, located at the corner of Main and North Streets. In order to make the garage option more attractive for students, Moravian will add the garage to the Moravian bus route starting with the fall term.

The Parking Task Force will evaluate the effectiveness of the new policy during the Fall of 2003 as part of an ongoing strategy to inform the College's parking master plan.