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Moravian student assists in production of MTV Video Music Awards

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)— Shannon Clay, a senior English major from Hellertown who has been working as an intern at MTV this summer, is part of the production team for MTV’s fifth annual Video Music Awards.

The awards will be broadcast Friday, August 28, and Clay will be back at school by the first day of class, which is Tuesday, September 2.

Clay has been working at MTV, which is located in the Viacom Building on Times Square, as an intern in the MTV News department. Most of her work has been video and audio research to support the news broadcasts, which are mostly about the entertainment world, especially popular music.

In July, Clay was promoted to the production team for the Video Music Awards, which since 1999 have promoted design and production innovation in the music-video industry. She works for the producer of the pre-show entertainment and the "crawl" that reads across the bottom of the screen during the show itself.

Clay commutes four days a week by bus from Hellertown to her internship. She was at work when the Northeast blackout occurred on Thursday, August 14. "I had to walk down 29 flights of stairs, then from 44th Street to 74th Street, then up 14 flights of stairs, then down them, then to 76th Street, then up 10 more flights of stairs,” she said. “I ended up staying overnight at another intern’s apartment. It was not fun—especially when I went to shower by candlelight the next day and the water came out dark brown!"