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Moravian professor named chairperson of national psychology lecture series

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)— Dr. Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology at Moravian College, was named the new chairperson of the G. Stanley Hall Lecture Series. Dunn has been a member of this committee for the past two years.

The G. Stanley Hall Lecture Series originated in 1980 to help introductory level teachers in developing a coherent picture of modern developments in the wide range of psychological sub-disciplines they will cover. The series honors Granville Stanley Hall (1844-1924), a pioneer of early American psychology. His laboratory at Johns Hopkins is recognized as the first American laboratory of psychology. Hall founded the American Journal of Psychology in 1887 and later served as president of the American Psychological Association (APA). The Hall series is held each year at the APA’s annual convention. It emphasizes APA’s dedication to undergraduate education and awareness of the complexities of teaching psychology. As Chairperson of this lecture series, Dunn will invite well-known psychologists to speak on research issues at the annual national convention as well as four regional conventions.

Dunn is an experimental social psychologist who studies social cognition and health psychology. He has written about pedagogical issues in psychology, interdisciplinary education, and faculty development. His articles have appeared in many journals and magazines including Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Teaching of Psychology, Contemporary Psychology, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, among others. Recently he edited a special issue of the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality on “Psychosocial Perspectives on Disability.” Dunn is the author of The Practical Researcher: A Student Guide to Conducting Psychological Research.