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Israeli writer Naomi Gal a Comenius Professor at Moravian

Naomi Gal(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) - Israeli writer and translator Naomi Gal is spending the year at Moravian College as Comenius Professor of Language and Literature. This fall, Gal is teaching English 104: Experience of Literature. She will be teaching at least one section of Writing 100 in the spring.

A graduate of the Sorbonne, she is the author of 15 books, novels, non-fictions and children's books. Her personal favorite is her novel "Lilith." She has also written "Lilith's divorce" a short story published in an American anthology called "Which Lilith," Other novels include Lovend, and Soap Opera, which won the Jerusalem Literary Prize.

Gal also is an eminent translator; she speaks English, French, some Arabic, as well as Hebrew. She was a journalist in Israel for many years writing as a film critic and a food writer. She later wrote about women’s issues and about politics. “I was what they call "a color writer" meaning I had to go out there and give a vivid, personal account of events,” said Gal. “When it became too many bomb sites, funerals, and grieving parents, I choose to leave journalism and begin writing novels and children’s books.”

Gal finds comfort teaching at Moravian, away from the bombs and terror that hangs over Israel. “The peace and serenity here are soothing and people are extremely kind. There is no way I could ever take that for granted,” said Gal. “It is a great honor for me to be Professor Comenius: John Amos Comenius was a renovating and courageous educator.”

“I find teaching at Moravian very gratifying and enriching, the students are to some extent more innocent than the kids their age in Israel, their lives are—thank heaven—more protected, but they are very open, responsive and I keep marveling at the originality of their ideas.”

Gal is a music lover and an opera buff who has been enjoying the richness of the Moravian College music department’s offerings. Her husband, Joseph Ben-David, is an electrophysiologist who has joined Valley Cardiology Associates of Bethlehem.