Could this be Your Happy Place?
Moravian | Live. Learn. Enjoy.

"On my first trip to Moravian, I knew it was the place for me. I enjoy the atmosphere and involvement of the faculty and staff. The small classes allow for an engaging learning experience. Additionally, Moravian is located in a beautiful town and has plenty of opportunities which will enable me to grow as a person and have a successful future. Since Moravian is a small, liberal arts college, it is enabling me to explore different interests to help me decide which path I want to take. There are so many clubs, activities, and events to attend, helping me to establish friendships. Dorm life is great as well, as it is allowing me to assert my independence."


Meet Your Greyhound Caller

Class Year: 2015

Major: Undecided

Interests/Activities: I was an Irish dancer my entire life and was very involved in my community and high school. I am an Emerging Leader and am planning on joining other clubs in the future.