Moravian College

Dear Men and Women of Moravian:

Moravian is on the move, partnering with students to help them build a strong foundation for their personal and professional future.

We challenge our students with

  • a strong academic major
  • hands-on learning opportunities
  • an environment that promotes the development of a deeper enjoyment of life.

As you may already know, the Board of Trustees met in late January and, with consideration given to the opinions of our student trustees, several important decisions were made. In the period 2011-12 and 2012-13, the College will:

  • Provide an additional $1 million in financial aid to our students
  • Renovate/expand the fitness center
  • Renovate and improve portions of the Bernhard-Wilhelm residence halls
  • Renovate and improve campus dining facilities.

The additional $1 million has been added to the financial aid budget for the current year (affecting academic year 2011-12).

To implement the improvements to the fitness center, residence halls, and dining facilities, the College is developing the related plans and assessing the feasibility of obtaining financing for these important projects.  Our intention is to present the projects for approval at the April 2011 Board of Trustee meetings.

At the same time, Moravian continues to focus attention upon the expansion and renovation of the Collier Hall of Science. Faculty members and architects from Einhorn, Yaffe, Prescott continue to meet to refine the concept, the scope, and the budget of the project. This project has the promise to be transformative for the teaching of science at Moravian, for student and faculty research, and for the beautification of the campus.

 The Planning and Budget Committee continues to meet to monitor spending on the current budget and to prepare the 2011- 2012 College budget. Current spending is in line with our budget and financial projections. Earlier in the academic year, I charged PBC to focus attention upon three areas of next year’s budget: plan for an increase in compensation, provide adequate financial aid to recruit and retain students, and establish a debt service line to support potential future borrowing to finance the expansion and renovation of the Collier Hall of Science.

In addition, the Marketing Committee has extended requests for proposals (RFPs) to a number of marketing firms.  We will use one of these agencies to develop and to implement the Moravian Promise marketing plan. 

As a community we have faced serious challenges in recent years. We have made difficult decisions. As a result, we are now in a strong position to advance the mission of the College, in line with the Strategic Plan, for the benefit of our students and for the benefit of the larger communities we serve.

Thank you,


Christopher M. Thomforde