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River Jordan Recognized for Research

River Jordan Recognized for Research

May 3, 2017

By Nicole Capuano ’18

Junior River Jordan, a neuroscience major, recently took honorable mention in the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship National Competition. The competition, which is entirely online, targets students who are passionate about carrying out scientific research. To apply, students must be nominated by a mentor (a professor, physician, principle investigator, or medical scientist whom the applicant works with directly) and then write an essay explaining research that they’ve been conducting. Out of the 1,500 students who enter, 100 are awarded scholarships, and 100 are awarded Honorable Mention. Inside Moravian met with Jordan to learn more about the competition and his interest in science.

Inside Moravian: How did you come to enter the competition?

River Jordan: I was nominated by one of my research advisors.

IM: How did it feel to receive an honorable mention?

RJ: It’s incredible! Just the nomination was enough to make me happy. And then when I got the honorable mention, I was ecstatic. It shows the scientific community that I am extremely passionate and focused on research.

IM: Where does your passion for the life sciences come from?

RJ: The more we don’t know, the more it fascinates me. Even though we are constantly learning new things, there’s so much more that is unknown. A lot of people specifically don’t want to go into neuroscience because it’s a relatively new field, but I feel now is the best time to go into it; so many new discoveries are going to be made.

IM: How do you think that this honorable mention will benefit you?

RJ: This award will help show graduate schools that I am very passionate about research and the field of science. Though I want to go into medicine, I still want to pursue research while I am in medical school. Research will always interest me, thanks to Dr. Cecilia Fox.

IM: What do you enjoy outside of the lab?

RJ: Beginning freshman year,  I joined several of the clubs that Moravian has to offer. I became a member of the Pre-Health Club, Hounds 4 Kids, which raises money for children with pediatric cancer, Brain Club, and Spectrum. I have been a resident advisor for two years and will continue to serve as an RA during my senior year. I’m also a member of the Leadership Honor Society, ODK, and the Biology Honor Society, Beta Beta Beta.

IM: What’s next after you graduate from Moravian next spring?

RJ: I hope to attend Stanford University Medical School; I spent this past summer there doing research, and I really like the San Francisco area.

IM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RJ: I hope to be a really compassionate intern or resident at a hospital.

IM: How has your Moravian College experience benefited you?

RJ: All of the courses that I’ve taken at Moravian have been incredible and have more than prepared me for the future. When I was pursuing research at Stanford, I felt that I was one of the more prepared students, and I received  that feedback from others;. I feel ready for medical school. I know what’s in store for me, and Moravian has solidified that decision for me.

River Jordan would like to thank the board of judges from the Goldwater Scholarship competition for recognizing his passion and love for research and the sciences. He would also like to thank all of his mentors, advisors, and anyone who provided aid and support throughout his journey of competing for such a respected award.