Registration and Abstracts

Registration for the conference is free, as is admission to the concert at the end of the day. If you hope to deliver a paper or be part of a musical or dramatic performance, you must submit your abstract and register between October 1 and November 7.  If you are intending to attend the conference without presenting a paper, the registration deadline is December 1.  Please note: everyone planning to attend the conference (students proposing a paper or performance, students planning to attend without presenting, faculty, family, or friends) should fill out the registration part of the form below; the second part of the form is only for those presenting.

Papers should be 15 minutes long; presentations by groups of students should be 45 minutes long. Abstracts for either should be no longer than 200 words. Only one abstract should be submitted per performance:  please nominate someone in your group to serve as organizer. Each group member should, however, register for the conference individually.



College/University Affiliation:

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Email address:

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Zip Code:


If part of a performance organized by someone else, please list the organizer’s name here:

Abstracts for Performance and Paper Proposals

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If you are the organizer of a performance, please list the names of all the
other participants in the performance:

Paper/Performance Title:

Paper/performance abstract - 200 words max.
(Only one performance abstract need be submitted per group, but each
person should register individually).

For students -- faculty sponsor's or mentor's name:

For students -- faculty sponsor's or mentor's email:

If you need A/V equipment, please explain your needs below:

For Organizers' Use Only:



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