Registration and Abstracts

Jousting dog and rabbit, ink and paint on parchment. Breviary of Renaud and Marguerite de Bar. MS BL Yates Thompson 8, fol. 294r. Metz, c.1303. Creative Commons License, courtesy of The British Library.

Registration for the conference is free, as is admission to the concert at the end of the day. If you hope to deliver a paper or be part of a musical or dramatic performance, you must submit your abstract and register between October 1 and November 6.  If you are intending to attend the conference without presenting a paper, the registration deadline is November 30.  Please note: everyone planning to attend the conference (students proposing a paper or performance, students planning to attend without presenting, faculty, family, or friends) should fill out the registration part of the form below; the second part of the form is only for those presenting.

Papers should be 15 minutes long; presentations by groups of students should be 45 minutes long. Abstracts for either should be no longer than 200 words. Only one abstract should be submitted per performance:  please nominate someone in your group to serve as organizer. Each group member should, however, register for the conference individually.



College/University Affiliation:

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Email address:

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If part of a performance organized by someone else, please list the organizer’s name here:

Abstracts for Performance and Paper Proposals

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If you are the organizer of a performance, please list the names of all the
other participants in the performance:

Paper/Performance Title:

Paper/performance abstract - 200 words max.
(Only one performance abstract need be submitted per group, but each
person should register individually).

For students -- faculty sponsor's or mentor's name:

For students -- faculty sponsor's or mentor's email:

If you need A/V equipment, please explain your needs below:

For Organizers' Use Only:



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