National Scholarships

Moravian College supports students who wish to apply for national scholarship and fellowship programs, including those listed below, through our "Moravian Stars" program. For more information on how to become a part of the Moravian Stars program, please contact Dean Jim Skalnik or Dean Carol Traupman-Carr.

Name Who How Much Deadline Link
American Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship Students interested in graduate study in Scandinavia Up to $23,000
Boren Fellowship Students interested in graduate study focusing on countries and languages critical to US security Up to $30,000 over 24 months 01/31/2012
Fulbright Grant Students interested in research or teaching in a foreign country Transportation and maintenance for one academic year
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Students interested in graduate study at Cambridge University Full cost
Goldwater Scholarship Undergraduate sophomores and juniors pursuing math, natural sciences or engineering Up to $7,500 per year in junior and senior year
Javits Fellowship Students interested in MFA or PhD programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences Institutional payment plus stipend
KAUST Fellowship Students interested in MS or PhD program in science, engineering or math at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Tuition, stipend, housing, and travel 01/15/2012
Knowles Math Science Teaching Fellowship Students with undergraduate degrees in math, science or engineering who are committed to teaching high school math or science Significant
Madison Fellowship Students interested in graduate study who want to teach high school American history or government or social studies with an emphasis on the US constitution Maximum of $24,000 over 2 years 03/01/2012
Marshall Scholarship Students interested in graduate study in the UK Full cost
Math for America Fellowships Students with significant college math coursework who are interested in a Masters degree or teacher credentialing program in math Tuition plus stipend varies
Mitchell Scholars Students interested in attending graduate school in Ireland Full cost for 1 year 10/04/2011
Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Undergraduate juniors interested in a career in foreign affairs Up to $50,000 for senior year and first year of graduate study
Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute Undergraduate juniors interested in public policy and international affairs Full tuition plus stipend for summer program often leading to tuition assistance for graduate study
Rhodes Scholarship Students interested in graduate study at Oxford University Full cost
Soros Fellowship for New Americans Immigrants working towards citizenship, new citizens, or child of 2 naturalized citizens interested in graduate study 1/2 tuition plus maintenance for 2 years of graduate study
Tompkins National Student Nurses Association Scholarship Students in state approved schools of nursing $1,000-$2,500 01/15/2012
Truman Scholarship Students interested in graduate study in public service fields Up to $30,000 02/01/2012
Udall Scholarship Sophomores and juniors committed to a career related to the environment, and Native Americans committed to a career in tribal public policy or Native American health care Up to $5,000 for educational expenses in junior or senior year