Alumni Eager to Learn

Alumni enthusiastically participated in the first Lifelong Learning event last spring (above). The next event, on career networking, is scheduled for Wednesday Jan. 27 in the HUB. Photo John Kish IV

The Moravian College Alumni Association and the Alumni Relations office are sponsoring two Lifelong Learning events open to all alumni who are eager to return to campus and enhance their professional development skills or knowledge about health and wellness issues.

It's not too late to register for the professional development course "Building Ties that Bind: Networking Skills for Professionals." This event will be held on campus, January 27 from 6-8 p.m. in the Haupert Union Building. Please call Barb Parry in the Alumni Relations office at 610 861-1366 to register for this event.

Also, mark your calendar for March 20 to participate in a daylong health and wellness seminar that will include interactive and thought-provoking sessions facilitated by members of the Moravian College faculty, alumni, students, staff, and community. Conversation will range from top health issues facing our local community to heath care reform and the economics of health care. Check your e-mail soon for more details about the health and wellness Lifelong Learning seminar.

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