Awards and Special Recognitions

Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology and director of the Learning in Common Curriculum, has been elected a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (APS). The APS Board of Directors awarded the honor in recognition of Professor Dunn's "sustained outstanding contributions to the science of psychology." An announcement of the recognition appears in the January issue of the Observer. Professor Dunn also received a separate letter and certificate from APS President Linda Bartoshuk. He has been a charter member of APS since 1988.

Dawn Ketterman-Benner, professor of physical education, associate director of athletics, and senior women's athletics administrator, received the United States Tennis Association's 2009 Courage Award. She also serves as women's tennis coach and faculty adviser for the dance and cheerleading teams. Read more here.

Conferences and Presentations

Pamela Adamshick presented a poster with her St. Luke's Hospital colleague Joan Crete at the 12th annual Premier Women's Health Care Conference October 14-17, 2009 in Providence, R.I. The title of the poster was "The Experience of Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in the Management of their Symptoms." 

G. Clarke Chapman, director of religious studies at the Comenius Center for Continuing, Graduate, and Professional Studies, attended the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics in San Jose, Calif., January 7-10, 2010. There he chaired meetings on just war ethics and on the recent book, Moral Dilemmas: an Introduction to Ethics. He also reviewed a presentation on "Strategic Forgetfulness in U.S. and Israeli Policies." Mild weather and stimulating conversations were appreciated, he notes.

Articles and Publications

Pamela Adamshick has had her article "The Lived Experience of Girl-to-Girl Aggression in Marginalized Girls" accepted for publication in the journal Qualitative Health Research. 

A research review by Kristin Baxter, visiting assistant professor of art, appeared in Teaching Artist Journal (volume 7, number 3, July-September 2009). Dr. Baxter's "Implications of Metaphorical Thinking for Teaching Artists" examines Daniel Serig's 2006 research, "A Conceptual Structure of Visual Metaphor" (Studies in Art Education, 47(3) 229-247.)

Best Practices for Teaching Beginnings and Endings in the Psychology Major: Research, Cases, and Recommendations, edited by Dana S. Dunn, Bernard C. Beins, Maureen A. McCarthy, and G. William Hill IV, has been published by Oxford University Press. Written for undergraduate psychology educators, the book presents innovative and effective strategies for "introducing the major to first-year students and, at graduation, for ... helping students apply their disciplinary knowledge in capstone experiences and post-graduate life."

"From Mirror Neurons to Moral Neuropolitics," an article by Gary Olson, professor and chair of political science, has been translated and appeared on Web Islam (12/17/09), Cordoba, Spain. Additional translations appeared in French, Czech, and Spanish.

An article by John D. Rossi, associate professor of accounting, "New FASs Provide Transparency to Credit Markets," appears in the Winter 2010 issue of Pennsylvania CPA Journal.

Other News

Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, led a workshop at the 32nd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology in St. Pete's Beach, Florida. The workshop was titled "Macro Performance: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Psychology Programs."The workshop discussed department-level assessments aimed at linking a program's self-study to quality benchmarking criteria. Participants received an overview of the Benchmarks for Quality Undergraduate Programs in Psychology and learned to use them for evaluating undergraduate psychology programs. Dunn is also a member of the NIToP program committee.

Political science professor Gary Olson's recent opinion piece "More Terrorist Blowback from Failed U.S. Policy" appeared in The Baltimore Chronicle, Dissident Voice, The Morning Call, AfghanVoice.com, SLATE, and on several blogs.

Jim West, professor and chair of business and economics, was interviewed for an article ("Aviation Finance: Some Clarity on the Calamity: an interview with economic professor James West") in the December 2009 issue of Aviation International News.The article appeared in the both the print and online versions of the publication. AIN also posted online Dr. West's op-ed "Pillars of Prosperity: Back to Basics," which previously appeared in the Morning Call and Chicago Tribune.

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