New Textbook, Co-Edited by Dana S. Dunn,
Charts Courses for Psychology Majors

Many undergraduate psychology majors feel sure they want to devote their careers to helping other people, but aren't so sure of their specific calling (social worker? researcher? clinical psychologist?), or how to get there. A new textbook, co-edited by Dana S. Dunn, chair of Learning In Common and professor of psychology, promises to help psychology educators help their students see—and navigate—the various pathways that lead beyond the undergraduate classroom.

Best Practices for Teaching Beginnings & Endings in the Psychology Major: Research, Cases, and Recommendations, edited by Dana S. Dunn, Bernard C. Beins, Maureen A. McCarthy, and G. William Hill, IV, provides psychology educators effective and innovative strategies for teaching introductory orientation and capstone courses for psychology majors. Written by psychology instructors involved in the improvement of teaching and learning, the book offers current research and practical advice for helping psychology students become engaged in their major and, ultimately, use their education in post-graduate life.

The book's companion web site, created by publisher Oxford University Press, provides sample syllabi and assignments on the Instructor Resources page. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go to the Society for the Teaching of Psychology Fund for Excellence.