Alumni Networking Workshop Offers Practical Advice

On January 27, more than thirty alumni, students, and local residents shared their stories and learned new networking techniques at an Alumni Association-sponsored workshop presented by Allentown-based professional development guru Bill Rambo of Rambo+ Associates.

Bill Rambo, an expert in professional development, led an interactive workshop for alumni and others on January 27. Photos by Eddie Flaherty '12.

In his interactive presentation, "Building Ties that Bind: Networking Skills for Professionals," Rambo engaged participants who were looking to hone their job-hunting skills and offered expert advice to others who came out to learn how to network more effectively within the offices and organizations where they are already employed. 

Putting his practices into action, Rambo worked the room from side to side and back to front, engaging each audience member and providing simple yet profound principles for more effective networking, including:

  • Focus, preparation, and execution are the time-tested secrets to successful networking.
  • When asking for referrals for business leads, networkers need to "fix the visual field"by narrowing their targets to those who might actually be helpful.
  • Successful networking involves moving quickly from being a guest to being a host; i.e., focus on others' needs rather than your own.
  • Top performers always focus on others first.  To do this successfully, work in the "asking" mode rather than the "telling" mode.
  • Most people apply "The Golden Rule" in their daily activities, but successful networkers focus on "The Platinum Rule," which is doing unto others as they would like rather than as you would have them do unto you.
  • No matter where you are in your career it is important to constantly focus on strengthening personal and professional networks.

Workshop participants caught on quickly, sharing their own stories and helping each other by offering resources and tips for dealing with specific situations.  

"The evening was successful," said Tom Repasch '72.  "Several alumni participants that I spoke to said they were especially grateful for the opportunity to return to campus and learn something new."

The next event in the continued series of the Lifelong Learning program sponsored by the Moravian College Alumni Association will be held on Saturday, March 20 at 9 am. Topics in Health and Wellness is day-long seminar offering interactive and thought-provoking sessions facilitated by members of the Moravian College faculty, alumni, students, staff, and community. —Mark Wiragh '87

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