Rebecca Friedman '10 Interns at Viacom

Rebecca Friedman still has trouble believing her good fortune. Despite her good grades, impressive portfolio, and positive attitude, landing an internship at a major communications company would be challenging, she knew.

But over winter break, she heeded her mother's advice to "just go for it." She applied to FOX, CBS, and A&E—"basically every marketing or business internship in New York City that I could find on the online career pages," she said. "I didn't expect to hear from any of them."

Two days later she received a response from Viacom—one of the world's largest media firms—for a corporate communications internship. An initial phone interview was followed by an interview at Viacom offices in Manhattan, where Rebecca met with the head of human resources.

"He asked the basic interview questions," she said. "He had never heard of Moravian College and was interested in what I meant by the 'Moravian community.'" After sharing her graphic design portfolio, she spoke about her work for the College's Studio South and for Lehigh Valley Style magazine and other publications.

A day later, Rebecca was offered the internship—one of only two corporate communication internships at Viacom this spring. "I believe they liked my combination of skills as a graphic design major with a minor in business management."

For the semester, Rebecca is interning two full days a week at Viacom, handling corporate communications duties (writing creative briefs, designing online invitations, and redesigning award certificates) for familiar brands such as MTV, BET, and Paramount Pictures. "They definitely are keeping me busy! It's cool to see my projects contribute to important things within and outside of the company."