New Users' Forum Aims to Answer Your Tech Questions

Beginning April 7, a monthly recurring Technology Users' Forum will be held the first Wednesday of each month in the HUB Rec Room, 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

"We wanted to offer another venue for the community to ask questions and raise issues about technology," said Steve McKinney, CIT director. "We determined that we should have a scheduled forum without a set agenda—open to the entire community, but also with designated departmental representatives—to better serve the College and Seminary community."

In the past, CIT has conducted Ask CIT sessions, sent out surveys, and participated in meetings and committees on campus technology issues."Communications must be two-way," said McKinney. "This is another opportunity for the community to provide input on what is going well, what can be done better, and what should be started or stopped."

The forum is open to all faculty and staff members, and students. Any operational, day-to-day technology topic may be discussed. Topics might include:

  • Why must faculty submit their next academic year software needs by May?
  • How can students get wireless coverage in their residence hall rooms?
  • Why do we use the current technology budget model?
  • How can students increase their available Internet bandwidth?
  • Can I get an IP address for my gaming device?
  • What is VPN and can I catch it?
  • Who do I call for technology support if the Help Desk is closed?
  • Where is the Digital Media Lab?
  • How do I get training?
  • Why does the College not support my personal mobile device?
  • How can I protect myself from Phishing attempts?
  • How do I protect my computer from virus’?
  • Why do I get spam?

Faculty and staff members who cannot attend can ask their departmental representative to voice their question or issue. Students can ask a friend or USG representative to present their question or issue. Feel free to eat you lunch at the meetings. Come in, sit down, and even if you do not have a question or issue, simply listen to the discussion.