Guy Ercolano '11 Publishes Classic Children's Book

John Amos Comenius, creator of the first illustrated storybook for children, would be pleased.  A new children's book, Fabulae Aesopi in Sermonem Latinum Conversae, by Latin major Guy Martin Ercolano '11 presents Aesop's Fables in simple Latin accompanied by Ercolano's own colorful illustrations.

Classical writings often intimidate readers, but "the language and grammar of this book can be easily grasped," said Ercolano, who plans to enter graduate school to major in classical studies. "Children benefit from learning Latin because it is a bridge to other languages, improves grammar, and encourages logical thinking."

Ercolano developed the idea for the book as an independent study with Dennis Glew, professor of classics and history, who also served as the book’s editor. The project involved writing the original stories in English, translating them into Latin, and creating acrylic paintings for the illustrations. Fabulae Aesopi in Sermonem Latinum Conversae is available from Ercolano hopes to re-publish the book in contemporary English this fall, and in other languages, modern and ancient, over the coming decade.