Students Present Research at National Conference

Students presented at the 2010 NCUR, held at the University of Montana (from left): Jennifer Mead, Alyssa Milano, Christine McCarl, Hadia Riaz, Philip Weiser, Cynthia Dretel, Alex Agnor, John Corbin.

Moravian College students presented their research at the 24th National Conference on
Undergraduate Research held at the University of Montana, April 15-17th, 2010. Stephen Dunham, assistant professor of chemistry, and Hilde Binford, associate professor of music, also attended.

"The conference was really quite an experience," said Alex Agnor '10, who presented his psychology research. "Having the chance to interact with and see the research your peers are doing all across the country is very worthwhile. It's an opportunity that more students should experience."

Moravian College has been sending students to the NCUR for the past ten consecutive years, said chemistry chair Carl Salter, who organizes Moravian attendance at NCUR. (Moravian sent its first student representative to NCUR in 1996; Ryan Hinrichs '96 is now a chemistry professor at Drew University.)

The 2010 Moravian student presentations were:

  • Cynthia Dretel '10—"Christmas Behind Barbed Wire: Two Polish Szopki from Holocaust Concentration Camps" (music)
  • Hadia Riaz '10—"A Golden Way to Visualize DNA" (biochemistry)
  • Philip Weiser '12 and Christine McCarl '12—"Effect of Counter Ions on the Reaction of Iron (III) and Thiosulfate" (chemistry)
  • Alyssa Milano '10—"The Effects of Rapid Cold Hardening on Courtship in Drosophila Melanogaster"(biology)
  • John Corbin '11 and Jennifer Mead '10—"Effect of Habitat Restoration Efforts on Stream Macroinvertebrate and Fish Communities" (environmental sciences)
  • Alexander Agnor '10—"What Really Happened? Contemporary Role of Inhibitory Mechanisms in Susceptibility of Verbal and Visual Misinformation" (psychology)
Outside the 2010 NCUR, Moravian student researchers explored Missoula and surrounding area.