Moravian Hosts Chemistry Student Awards Night

Biochemistry major Hadia Riaz '10 won the 2010 Outstanding Senior Student Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society's Lehigh Valley Section. Her Honors project, "A Golden Way to Visualize DNA," was advised by Professors Shari and Steve Dunham. Photo by John Kish IV
The Moravian Chemistry Department hosted Student Awards night, April 29, for the Lehigh Valley section of the American Chemical Society. Seventy people attended. Albert Martin, associate professor of chemistry, organized the meeting; Carol Baker Libby, faculty adjunct, organized the undergraduate research poster session.

Awards were given to outstanding senior chemistry students from throughout Lehigh Valley, and Hadia Riaz '10, a biochemistry major, was the Moravian College award recipient.  

Twenty-four chemistry and chemical engineering students from across the Lehigh Valley presented their work at the poster session; Moravian student-presenters and their faculty research advisors:

 "Models of Coenzyme NADH: Intermediates in Reduction Reactions Mediated by Substituted Dihydropyridines"—Gaby Haddad '10 and Katelyn Chando '10 (Professor Dan Libby)

"Error Bands in Calibration Curves"—Stephen Kaster '10 (Professor Carl Salter)

"Optimizing the Syntheses of Dirhodium (II,II) Carboxylate and Amidate Complexes"—Jessica Posimo '10 (Professors Stephen Dunham, Shari Dunham)

"A Golden Way to Visualize DNA"--Hadia Riaz '10 (Shari Dunham, Stephen Dunham)

"Effect of Counter Ions on the Reaction of Iron (III) and Thiosulfate"—Christine McCarl '11 and Philip Weiser  '12 (Carl Salter)