Making the Case for Higher Ed

Political lobbyists sometimes are viewed with distrust, if not outright disdain—until their cause happens to be yours.

Corey Koenig '11, United Student Government president, and Carl Feldman '13 USG vice president, experienced the joys and frustrations of political advocacy on April 20, when they participated in Student Lobby Day in Harrisburg.

"Senator Boscola, who is on the appropriations committee, seemed quite receptive to the issues."

The focus of the event (organized by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania) was increased funding for private colleges and universities, specifically for the PHEAA and IAG programs. The students and Katie Dantsin, Moravian's director of Leadership Development, met with state Senator Lisa Boscola and Representative Joe Brennan '86. Senator Pat Browne, with whom they had scheduled an appointment, canceled.

 "We shared information about the College and its students, but the conversation leaned toward the current economy and climate at Moravian," said Koenig. "Senator Boscola, who is on the appropriations committee, seemed quite receptive and supportive of the issues." Noting the state's current economic conditions, Representative Brennan, however, was not encouraging about the prospects of increased support for private higher ed, reported the students.

Despite the mixed results, Koenig and Feldman say they look forward to returning next year. "The Capitol really is an incredible place," said Koenig. "We were elated to participate in the process, and are dedicated to assisting Moravian in making higher education as affordable as possible for current and prospective students. Next time, we'll take more students! The more representatives the better."