Architectural Firm Selected to Design Science Hall Renovation

The architectural firm Einhorn Yaffee Prescott (EYP) of New York City was selected by Moravian's project leadership team to provide professional architectural and engineering services for the renovation and expansion of the Collier Hall of Science, which houses the departments of biological sciences, chemistry, nursing, and physics and earth science.

The College's leadership team, composed of faculty members, administrators, and students, invited 16 firms to submit proposals. Four firms nationally recognized for their design of science buildings throughout the United States were placed on short list and participated in on-campus interviews. They included Lord Aeck Sargent, Atlanta; Holabird & Root, Chicago; and Shepley Bulfinch, Boston.

EYP was selected for its outstanding track record of success, including recent projects for Assumption College, Boston College, Boston University, and Cabrini College. "EYP exhibited a real excitement about working with us," noted Kim Sherr, Moravian's assistant director of planning and project management, and a member of the project leadership team. "Their creative ideas and focus on academics and community, thoughts on the continuity of our academic program during construction, and commitment to designing a facility that reflects the new but remains consistent with the old, won the day."

Next Steps

During the next few weeks, College officials will execute the contract and schedule an initial planning meeting for June. The preliminary work, over the next seven months, will include all pre-design activities such as confirming the academic program and project budget, preparation of civil drawings, providing various testing requirements, and developing fund-raising materials. The next milestone will come in April 2011, when the pre-design will be complete. If funding is secured, the College will move forward with a full design and anticipate a completion date of October 2014.

"We have worked many years in preparation and are excited to move forward with this very important project," noted President Christopher Thomforde. "Modernizing the Collier Hall of Science is the greatest priority for our facilities if we are to maintain and build on our new and successful curricular programs. We must move beyond our obligation to provide students with adequate space in a stimulating and safe environment to one which enhances interdisciplinary activity and inquiry-based learning."

Dr. Kelly Krieble '86, associate professor of physics and department chair of physics and earth science, will serve as project shepherd, acting as a primary liaison between the leadership team and the architects. Krieble will help ensure that the project employs the best practices in science program and building construction, espoused by Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL).  Supported by the National Science Foundation and the W. M. Keck Foundation, PKAL is one of the leading advocates in the U.S. for building and sustaining strong undergraduate programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 

Sherr explained Moravian's intent to utilize LEED practices with design, construction, and materials. "The College is committed to design and construction practices that are sustainable to the environment, College, local and global community, ecology, and economy. Design and construction associated with this project will be developed according to basic sustainable principles, LEED, or Energy Star methodologies or ratings."