Grants and Awards

Frank Kuserk, professor of biological sciences and director of environmental studies, received the Council on Undergraduate Research Biology Mentor Award. It is the first time the national award was given. Read complete article here.


An article by Christie Gilson, assistant professor of education, was published in March 2010. "Formalized and Natural Supports for Tertiary Students with Disabilities in Hong Kong" appears in in Volume 12 of the Hong Kong Special Education Forum, a peer-reviewed journal.

Diane Husic, chair and professor of biological sciences and immediate past-president of the Council on Undergraduate Research, was invited to co-author a manuscript with Susan Elrod (executive director of the Project Kaleidoscope) and Jillian Kinzie (associate director of the Center for Postsecondary Research and NSSE Institute) entitled "Research and Discovery Across the Curriculum." It appears in the Spring 2010 issue of Peer Review, a publication of the American Association of Colleges and Universities. 

The chapter "Exploring Holy Spirit, Chi and the Other," written by Grace Ji-Sun Kim,  associate professor of doctrinal theology, appears in the book A New Day:  Essays on World Christianity in Honor of Lamin Sanneh,  edited by Akintunde Akinade (New York: Peter Lang), 288-300.

Gary Olson, professor of political science, contributed the chapter "The Neuropolitics of Morality" to Reasonable Approaches to Religion, Richard Curtis, ed. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2010).


John Black, associate professor of English, presented his paper "Revisionings of St. Chad in Medieval England" at the 2010 International Medieval Congress at Leeds (UK) University in July. The annual IMC gathering draws thousands of medievalists from around the globe. Black also attended other sessions on medieval art, history, and literary culture, and participated in several related field trips. In addition, he conducted research on his current work in medieval hagiography. He is grateful to the Faculty Development and Research Committee for its support of his participation in the conference and research work.

Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology and director of the Learning in Common curriculum, recently participated in the 118th Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association (APA) in San Diego, Calif. Dunn is serving as the 2010 President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP, Division 2 of the APA). During the conference, Dunn delivered his presidential address, "Living the good academic life: Scholar-teacher or teacher-scholar?" He also ran STP's two executive committee meetings and the annual business meeting, and hosted a reception for past presidents of STP.

During the convention, Dunn also participated in two symposia: In one he spoke on "Pitch perfect: Matching writing assignments to course levels in psychology." In the other, he served as the discussant regarding "Best practices for training and using undergraduate teaching assistants."

In late July, Dunn gave a keynote address at the 2010 Workshop for High School Teachers of Psychology at Clark University, Worcester, Mass. He spoke on "The Social Psychology of Disability: A Medium for Broadening Students' Horizons Regarding Attitudes, Prejudice, and Intergroup Relations." Dunn was invited to speak at the 6th annual workshop, which is jointly sponsored by Clark University and the American Psychological Association.

Christie Gilson, assistant professor of education, attended the 33rd annual Association on Higher Education and Disability conference in Denver, Colorado, July 12-17. Her presentation, "From Compliance to Proactive Accessibility: How Small Institutions Create Success" was attended by more than 30 participants.

Diane Husic, chair and professor of biological sciences, was asked to be a plenary speaker for the Service Learning in Public Policy (SLIPP) national leadership program for high school students, held at Valley Forge July 21, 2010. The program is sponsored by the Freedom Foundation; students learn about legal, health, and environmental policy; leadership development; and civic engagement. The title of her presentation was "Environmental Leadership for the 21st Century: Changing policy and practice at global and local levels."

The day before Professor Husic's presentation, students from the group interested in environmental issues and policy came to the Lehigh Gap Nature Center/Palmerton Superfund Site to learn about policy issues related to Superfund legislation and to participate in a research project. The students gathered succession plot data to analyze the success of a habitat restoration initiative. Sarabeth Brockley '10 was a field assistant for this event (along with Dan Kunkle, LGNC executive director, and Corey Husic).

In July, Silvia Mandler, visiting instructor of Spanish, presented a paper, "Teaching beyond the classroom walls: A bridge to the Hispanic Community," at the 92nd Annual AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) Conference in Guadalajara, México.

Gary Olson, professor of political science, was invited to participate in a two-week seminar on "Cultural Neuroscience" at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor from July 19-30, 2010. The seminar featured daily guest lectures and discussion groups. The 36 participants also were exposed to the use of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), a specialized scan that measures brain activity. Participants observed subjects in the scanner as they reacted to verbal and visual stimuli, and the reactions were recorded in the lab. Olson also shared his recent paper "Empathy & Neuropolitics," which appeared in June 2010 on ZNet. He gratefully acknowledges a summer grant  from Moravian's Faculty Research and Development Committee, which enabled him to participate.

Other News

"Obama Has Strayed from Campaign Message," an op-ed by Gary Kaskowitz, associate professor of economics and business, appeared in the July 26, 2010 issue of the Morning Call.

A July 25, 2010 Morning Call newspaper article about the Lehigh River ("Dirty Little Secret") featured two photos of Frank Kuserk, professor of biological sciences, and students Matt Share '11 and Jordan Barton '12 conducting bio-monitoring in the Little Lehigh. One of the photos appeared on the Sunday edition's front page.

An article about Santo Marabella, business management professor, appeared in the Reading Eagle newspaper, July 28. The profile piece discussed Professor Marabella's role as chairman of the Greater Reading Film Commission as well as his work as a management professor at Moravian College.

In the same issue of the Morning Call (Sunday July 25, 2010), Corey Husic (son of Diane Husic, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences) was featured in the column "Newsmaker Q&A." Corey discussed his volunteer work at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center, where Moravian faculty members and students also conduct research.

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