Psychology Class Presents William James Online

Students in psychology professor Dana Dunn's "History, Systems, and Theories" class dug deep into the theories of pioneering American psychologist William James last semester. With the help of Carolyn Whyley, the class designed a web page dedicated to chapters from William James's Principles: The Briefer Edition.

Working in pairs, the 17 students described chapters in Psychology: The Briefer Course (an 18-chapter condensed version of the monumental Principles), then compiled an annotated bibliography of current/recent research in psychology that may have a link back to James's ideas. Visitors to the new web site can learn how James's ideas on consciousness, habit, will, and other psychological ideas have evolved across time.

"I wanted to create a more engaging and integrative activity that involved students across the duration of the History, Systems, and Theories course—one that allowed them to work together toward a final group project," explained Dunn.

Moravian College's Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) funded development of the project in Summer 2010.