Kimono Girls

Photo: Franziska Rippin

Zoe, 8, and Daphne Creamer, 4, daughters of Jennifer Creamer, director of international studies, added to the authenticity of the International Dinner by wearing the yukata, a Japanese summer kimono.

Winners of the talent competition at the International Dinner in November were:

  • The Irish Dance Club (first place). Members are Catie Bowman ’05, Chelsea Dehner ’08, Sarah Downing ’08, Jessica Fenske ’09, Bob Greifeld ’09, Brett Guss ’09, Heidi Lurvey ’08, Erin Martin ’09, Sarah Mobley ’06, Marina Moser ’07, Dale Parker, Dawn Parker ’06, Jacque Parker, Whitney Peterson ’08, and Christina Townsend ’08.
  • Caitlin McNeish ’08 and Stephanie Giebler ’06 (second place) for “In His Eyes” from the Broadway show Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Mark Lesh ’07 and Geoffrey Roche ’08 (third place) for a tae kwon do demonstration.

January 10, 2006 (pdf version)

In Conference:
Moravian forms new athletic conference with seven other colleges.

First and Foremost:
Dana Dunn's book is named one of the year's best by American Library Association's Choice magazine. Student team from Moravian wins area computer programming competition, places well in regionals.

Game Plan:
Stephanie Seaman tops 1,000 career points in Moravian Winter Classic Basketball Tournament.

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Kimono Girls:
Winners of International Dinner talent competition.