Plus ça change ...

We sneaked it into the last issue of the fall semester, but the time for stealth is past. Moravian’s sleek new logo now rests in the O of InCommon in the blue box, above.

And we announce a policy change: In order to make Datebook, our calendar, more useful to readers of both the print and electronic editions, it will not include items that happen on the Tuesday of publication. Datebook now will cover events from Wednesday to the next day of publication, the Tuesday two weeks out. We hope this will be helpful to readers who until now might discover an event only to realize it was over before they picked up their paper or logged onto their computer.

January 14, 2003

Saluting Dr. King
"Hip-hop intellectual" Michael Eric Dyson is keynote speaker for Moravian observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Plus ça change ...
InCommon incorporates new Moravian College logo into its design and announces a new policy for Datebook, its calendar

Just Desserts
Photos from the Human Sundae contest.

Smart Talk
MacArthur fellow Janine Jagger '72 will speak on campus

All-campus announcements

Two full pages (!!) of faculty/staff/student achievements