Just Desserts

Photo by Kelly McLean '03

I’m gonna wash that stuff right outta my hair: Despite the strong family resemblance, this is not the Creature from the Black Lagoon at left. It is Mary Beth Spirk during her 15 minutes of fame as a Human Sundae. The gloppy event, held December 4 at halftime of the men's basketball game with Albright College, raised $405 for Habitat for Humanity. The women's basketball team dumped rolls of pennies into the Mary Beth jar at the last minute of the contest, thus assuring their coach immortality and a lot of whipped cream in her hair. Mary Beth’s comment was: "I asked for team unity—and this is what I got!"

Photo by Marty Jo Moyle

Ready for their close-up: The chosen ones (above) arrive in old clothes. Bob Windolph looks fatalistic; Mary Beth Spirk definitely has a "Let's get this over with" air about her. Bob Brill obviously has been, sometime in the past, a Boy Scout. He came prepared with a drop-cloth.

Father figure: At right, Bob Brill’s children—Erin, 8, Christian, 6, and Dorothy, 3—act out their psychological traumas on Daddy.

I’m not alone: Way off in a corner of one picture, where he thought we wouldn’t see him, we found Bob Windolph wreathed in smiles at what was being dumped on Mary Beth Spirk.

The ending was a washout: After the ice cream social, the sundaes walked directly (on a plastic runner) to the Johnston Hall showers. "The best part of the whole thing," said Bob Windolph happily, "was what the showers looked like when we got done."

January 14, 2003

Saluting Dr. King
"Hip-hop intellectual" Michael Eric Dyson is keynote speaker for Moravian observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Plus ça change ...
InCommon incorporates new Moravian College logo into its design and announces a new policy for Datebook, its calendar

Just Desserts
Photos from the Human Sundae contest.

Smart Talk
MacArthur fellow Janine Jagger '72 will speak on campus

All-campus announcements

Two full pages (!!) of faculty/staff/student achievements