Now Hear This!

Everything, not just the calendar, turns over on January 1 — including the rules and regs you thought you knew. Some new guidelines for life on campus:

Withdrawal symptoms: New language has gone into effect on the form for students who withdraw from the College. Information: Office of Student Services, Ext. 1503.

Movers and shakers: Facilities Services now requires five days’ notice for event setups and a minimum of three days’ notice for deliveries. (N.B. If the weather is in one of its moods, deliveries and setups give place to grounds maintenance.) Barbara Schultz, assistant director of facilities services, says new “Facilities Use Guidelines” are on the way.

Lap it up: The library has new rules about student use of laptop computers and projectors for class presentations. Information: Reeves Library reference desk, Ext. 1543.

January 15, 2002

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