Out for a Walk

Out for a walk: Mama Snowperson, with a fancy upsweep of fir, and Papa Snowperson, with a fir goatee, take Junior Snowperson for a stroll in back of the Brethren’s House. Residents of South Campus created this all-American nuclear family late Sunday, January 18, soon after the white stuff stopped falling.

January 27, 2004

Table Talk:
Improvements to HUB's Dining Hall.

Out for a Walk:
A snowfamily plods across South Campus.

Médecines sans Frontieres (Prescription Without Borders):
Moravian nursing students and professor help a Honduran woman get much-needed medicine using e-mail and teamwork.

A busy campus calendar.

Honor Roll:
Moravian appears in a selective new guide to undergraduate colleges.
Achievements of faculty/staff/students.
Prize Possessions (Ours):
Awards for administrative and support staff.