Faces in the Crowd

New website links students to one another

Moravian has the pic book, a pocket- or purse-sized booklet with photos of incoming first-year students. It keeps them, and their professors, from feeling overwhelmed by all those new faces in the dorm, the dining hall, and the classroom.

www.thefacebook.com, which now counts more than 300 colleges and universities among its members, is a cross between a pic book, a yearbook, and a chat room. Founded just a few years ago by five computer geeks with time on their hands, it is now the hot thing for intracampus communication.

“We will go right here,” says Stephanie Hachey ’05, Millington, N.J., pointing to the roster of colleges on thefacebook.com’s website, “between Montclair and Morehouse.”

Stephanie’s best friend from high school, who goes to Penn, has had access to thefacebook.com since she was a freshman. This helped her keep in touch with high school friends who had gone away to different colleges. “I thought: ‘Why don’t we have that?’ ” Stephanie says.

So she did a little research and discovered that thefacebook.com requires a certain number of students on campus (250) to request that their college be listed.

She sent out a campus-wide e-mail and set up a petition at the HUB desk, which together got enough signatures in two weeks to send to thefacebook.com.

Glitches in the on-line registry required some help from CIT’s Jim Beers, but with his assistance the Moravian request got where it was supposed to go.

What makes thefacebook.com different from a pic book is that students submit their own photos and information on themselves and their interests. Correspondents are able to add comments to each site.

Bev Kochard, dean of students, says her impression of thefacebook.com is positive.

“Everything that I can see is that this is the way the world is going,” she says.

According to Stephanie, the webmaster at thefacebook.com says Moravian should be listed within a month.

February 8, 2005

Faces in the Crowd:
New thefacebook.com connects students to one another. Moravian is to become a member in a month.

Premium Pride:
Keith Dague of the business office receives Impact Award for wrestling with a complicated insurance case.

Mark Your Calendar:
Hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons to visit campus April 14.

In Reel Time:
Movies on campus.

Mardi Gras Dance:
Cash bar at this year’s dance means underage students will not be able to attend.
Campus calendar.
The Wheels on the Bus:
Two bus trips to NY for cultural activities.
Faculty, staff, student accomplishment.