Premium Pride

Wonder where Keith Dague, director of business affairs, has been these last 18 months? Locked in mortal combat with three lawyers, two insurance companies, and a judge, that’s where.

After a year and a half of negotiation between the College’s current and former insurers, Keith met with all parties shortly before the case was to go to trial in Philadelphia and emerged the winner. “Actually,” joked Mark Reed, director of business and financial affairs, “Keith strangled the judge.”

In giving Keith an Impact Award for service above and beyond his job description, President Rokke used the word “bird-dogging” to describe his tenacity in collaring all participants in this complicated case.

“I’m pleased to have it done,” sighed Keith.

February 8, 2005

Faces in the Crowd:
New connects students to one another. Moravian is to become a member in a month.

Premium Pride:
Keith Dague of the business office receives Impact Award for wrestling with a complicated insurance case.

Mark Your Calendar:
Hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons to visit campus April 14.

In Reel Time:
Movies on campus.

Mardi Gras Dance:
Cash bar at this year’s dance means underage students will not be able to attend.
Campus calendar.
The Wheels on the Bus:
Two bus trips to NY for cultural activities.
Faculty, staff, student accomplishment.