Anniversary Waltz

Congratulations to these members of the Moravian College community, who celebrate significant service anniversaries in the first quarter of 2005.

* Bill Beslanovits, Facilities
* Theresa Kelly, CGS
* Phyllis Walsh, Community Service
Judy Behum, Facilities
*** Judy Bernd, Music
*** Kevin Haas, Facilities
*** Tom Silfies, Facilities
Rita Berk, Reeves Library
***** Doug Plotts, Facilities
***** Roy Tarboro Jr., Facilities

Each star represents five years

February 22, 2005

Cover Girl:
Krista Steinke Finch’s work is featured on the cover of a medical journal.

Tree’s Company:
Classmates of J.P. Krupa want to plant a tree in his memory.

The Iceman Cometh:
A busy publications time for Peter von Allmen, including an article co-authored with a hockey player.

Preaching to the Choir:
Seminary’s Weber lectures this year are on more effective use of the bible.

Campus calendar.
Seminary Alumni Recognize Their Own:
Awards for two outstanding alumni.
Anniversary Waltz:
Service anniversaries for the winter quarter.
Faculty, staff, student accomplishment.
Point Man:
Brandon Zaleski breaks the men’s basketball career points record.