Directionally Challenged

Why, we wondered, had Andrea Mitchell, the Cohen Arts & Lectures s peaker, arrived an hour late for the reception in her honor? So we asked—and found out it was lucky she got here at all.

We found Mitchell’s driver, Andrew Jackson of Dav-El Limousine Service, Springfield, Va., eating a burrito in the Food Court and listening carefully to campus security chief Sean Tallarico as he gave Jackson directions for getting out of Bethlehem and back to the interstate.

Here’s what Jackson told us. Mitchell lives (with her husband, Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan) in Washington, D.C. But her limo had been arranged, and directions supplied, by the NBC affiliate in Boston. Unable to access MapQuest up there in Beantown, they didn’t know that the Blue Route past Philadelphia (I-476) has been finished for some years now. They sent the car the old way: I-83 from Baltimore through Harrisburg.

“I don’t know why they didn’t say I-95 to Philadelphia,” Jackson grumbled. “I know where Philadelphia is. I took my son there last week for the NBA All-Star game.”

The directions also omitted the fact that between I-83 and I-78 there’s a small uncharted area known, to the locals, as I-81. Jackson finally found I-78 after circling Harrisburg a couple of times.

No one had told him that he needed to get off at U.S. 22 once he passed the Allentown travel plaza. So he continued on I-78, looking for a Bethlehem exit. After a detour onto Route 309, which took them almost to Quakertown, Jackson finally backtracked and found the exit at Route 412.

It didn’t help that he had been told to look for something called “Bethlehem College.” Luckily, Mitchell knew where she was going, having been here in 1988 for an election-year panel discussion with David Gergen and Tom Wicker.

We trust they got home to D.C. somehow.

Just who is Andrea Mitchell’s brother-in-law who taught at Moravian College? It was Lewis Greenstein, then an assistant professor of history, specializing in Africa. A faculty member from 1976 to 1980, he also was briefly assistant dean for academic affairs.

Jane Schaffer, secretary to the academic dean’s office, was Greenstein’s secretary when she joined the staff in 1977. Each time Mitchell has visited campus, Schaffer has gotten an update on the Greensteins. “This time,” she said, “she told me that Lew and Susan are now retired and live in what was their summer home in New Hampshire, near Dartmouth.”

Their daughter Sara graduated in 1998 from Southampton College, Long Island University, where Greenstein was serving at the time as academic dean and his wife as director of instructional technology. In the years since he left Moravian, Greenstein also served as university relations director for the U.S. Peace Corps.

March 26, 2002

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