Wake-Up Call

Gotten your first statement of coming benefits from the Social Security Administration yet? (It’s a sobering experience.) Maybe now’s the time to find out how the College’s TIAA/CREF plan can cushion the shock.

• One-on-one personal financial counseling sessions will be offered Tuesday, April 9, in the HUB’s Reinhard and Student Activities rooms. Register on-line via the tiaa-cref.org Web site or call Jacqueline Pugh at 1 800 842-2010.

• TIAA-CREF also will offer two group retirement-planning seminars Wednesday, April 10, in the HUB’s UBC Room: “The Tax Act of 2001,” 10:00 a.m.; “Staying on Track in a Market Downturn,” 1:30 p.m.

The 2001 Tax Act seminar covers increased contribution limits for IRAs and other retirement plans, expanded pension portability (moving retirement accounts to other venues and investment instruments), qualified tuition programs, and enhanced Education IRAs. “Staying on Track” discusses market fluctuations, positive opportunities during downward movements, and other factors that can affect investments.

For more information: http://home.moravian.edu/public/pers/TIAACRE_Notice.htm. For a complete list of topics to be covered: Ext. 1528.

March 26, 2002

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