Secret Identities

1. George Diamond, professor of English.

2. Bettie Smolansky, professor of sociology.

3. Gary Olson, professor of political science.

4. Janet Loengard, professor of history.

5. Bob Windolph, dean of student life.

6. Bob Stinson, professor of history.

7. Joe Powlette, professor of physics.

8. Larry Lipkis, professor of music.

9. Jean-Pierre Lalande, professor of french.

March 30, 2004

April Fool!:
Who are these people? Faculty photos from the Dark Ages.

Prize People:
Impact awards, Arts Ovation awards, Seminary alumni awards.

The Art Beat:
Faculty art show in Payne Gallery.

Women's Work:
Conference on women, careers, mentors, featuring Dee Dee Myers as keynote speaker.

Campus calendar.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.