Man of the Hour

Or, to be more exact, man of 464,280 hours, as of March 14. In this rare photo, taken at his entry into the world 53 years ago, Mike Seidl already shows the style that will lead to his appointment
as self-effacing executive assistant to President Rokke.

With thanks to Neil Reenock. All others begged for anonymity.

April 1, 2003

April Fool's Day Issue of InCommon:
Where to Cross the Street:
A map of campus for these times of toil, trouble, and street repair.
Man of the Hour:
Mike Seidl thinks he can get away with not telling people how old he is. Ha.
But seriously, folks:
Turnover Time:
New faculty coming in, others going out.
In Memoriam:
Chris Seifert '97 is early casualty of Iraq conflict.
Campus events.
Out of Africa:
A film about the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.