On Line

Three student bloggers now welcome newcomers to the Moravian experience: sophomores Emily Klein, Northampton, elementary education/psychology; Jennifer Rizk, Sparta, N.J., elementary education/ sociology; and Matthew Mutarelli, Catasauqua, management.

They go online at least twice a week to write about campus life, activities, food, movies, Moravian sports, weekend fun, you name it. You can read their impressions by clicking on admissions on the Moravian website.

The project was conceived by admissions counselors Amy Weiss and David Weber, public relations director Michael Wilson, and web manager Christie Jacobsen 00.

Btw, Moravian is now a member of www.thefacebook.com, thanks to energetic Stephanie Hachey 05.

April 12, 2005

Test Pilots:
Men’s soccer team tests high-speed cameras to be used at goal lines for soccer, hockey, races.

Banking on Success:
Warren Hilton of the Career Center wins an Impact Award for a well-attended banking careers conference.

Invitation to the Dance:
Five dance students and jazz dance teacher join Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects for an April 21 program based on paintings of Marc Chagall.

On Line:
Moravian now has three bloggers and a presence on www.thefacebook.com.

Campus calendar.
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Don’t Fret:
Pennsylvania Guitar Quintet releases debut CD. A Moravian computer tech is one of the members.
Department Report (PDF):
An update on the Center of Information Technology from Stephen McKinney.