The Sociology Department is practicing what it preaches:

Debra Wetcher-Hendricks, assistant professor of sociology, has been appointed to a three-year term on the advisory board of the Children, Youth, and Families Division of Northampton County’s Human Services Department. Debra’s experience in applied research should be of value to an agency whose applications for grants always include an assessment component.

And Joel Nathan Rosen, assistant professor of sociology, has been appointed to a twoyear term on the board of Lehigh County’s Office of Children and Youth Services. He also will offer assistance in legislative matters to this office.

Debra also attended the Lilly-East Conference on College Teaching and Learning, April 1-2 in Towson, Maryland. She presented a paper called: “Get Out of Here! Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls.” It described “investigative learning” and provided sample exercises.

Michael Wilson, director of public relations, spoke at the annual meeting of the College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania, March 9-11 in Hershey. He described “Creating and Marketing a ‘Blog’ to Prospective Students,” having just established such a blog at Moravian.

Over spring “break,” reported Diane Husic, who put the quotation marks around “break,” she and Frank Kuserk, professors of biology, served as evaluators for schools seeking reaccreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Middle States is Moravian’s accreditor.) Frank went to Houghton College in cold, snowy western New York, while Diane visited the Universidad del Turabo in sunny Puerto Rico. Asked if she felt guilty because her colleague was out in the cold and snow, Diane said: “No. I had to do a snowy New York location last time.”

Keeping to one climate, Diane was a panelist in a symposium at the American Chemical Society meeting, March 13-17 in San Diego. Her presentation was on “Research Across Academic Department Boundaries.” As a biochemist who has worked in chemistry and biology departments, this is familiar territory to her.

Bob Brill, associate professor of psychology, attended the Mid- Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, March 19 at Temple University. He presented a a paper on “Student Future Work-Life Challenges: Discovering Integrative Life Plans,” with a model and assignments that he uses in his LinC Moral Life (U2) course in Contemporary Work-Life Challenges.

Cecilia Fox, assistant professor of biology, gave a workshop on “Developing Counseling Skills” to the Northeast Association of Advisors for the Health Professions, March 31- April 3 in Pittsburgh.

In its April program books, Lehigh University’s Zoellner Arts Center thanks ushers who have given five years of volunteer service. Among them are Kay Somers, professor of mathematics, and her husband, Bruce.

April 12, 2005

Test Pilots:
Men’s soccer team tests high-speed cameras to be used at goal lines for soccer, hockey, races.

Banking on Success:
Warren Hilton of the Career Center wins an Impact Award for a well-attended banking careers conference.

Invitation to the Dance:
Five dance students and jazz dance teacher join Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects for an April 21 program based on paintings of Marc Chagall.

On Line:
Moravian now has three bloggers and a presence on

Campus calendar.
Faculty, staff, student accomplishments.
Don’t Fret:
Pennsylvania Guitar Quintet releases debut CD. A Moravian computer tech is one of the members.
Department Report (PDF):
An update on the Center of Information Technology from Stephen McKinney.