Sing Out

The Moravian Choir under Paula Ring Zerkle has been on several run-outs, as musicians call a performance away from home. Its elite ensemble, Vocalis, performed April 7 at Godfrey Daniels, opening for Sean Altman, formerly of Rockapella. And the whole group appeared on Tempo, the news magazine of Lehigh Valley PBS, singing excerpts from The Creation that aired April 12 and 15.

April 26, 2005

Two Fulbrights fellowships and a McGraw scholarship winner.

Sing Out!:
Choir performs at Godfrey Daniels and Lehigh Valley PBS.

What’s in a Name?:
Food Court to get a new name Thursday.

Campus calendar.

Brain Waves:
Cecilia Fox and students lead “Brain Awareness Day” at Discovery Center.
Author! Author!:
Display of faculty publications in the library.
Faculty, staff, student accomplishments.
Boxing Day:
Red Hat Society sends gifts to troops in Iraq.