Speech! Speech!

In order of appearance, here is the roster of speakers and honorees at Baccalaureate and the College and Seminary Commencements.

Wee• Rev. Dr. Paul A. Wee will speak to the assembled multitudes at Baccalaureate. His address is titled “The Calling of the Class of 2003.”

A member of the Board of Trustees of Moravian Theological Seminary, Dr. Wee is pastor emeritus of Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Washington, D.C., the parish of President and Mrs. Rokke before they came to Moravian.

Among his many positions of international service, he was a member of the U.N. Observer Mission that oversaw South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994; and he was a mediator in the negotiations leading to the 1996 peace agreement between rebel factions and the government of Guatemala after a 36-year civil war.

J.R. Giacchi ’03, Franklin, New Jersey, the undergraduate speaker at Commencement, has an interdepartmental major in physics/math and management. J.R. was a varsity football player who earned several Middle Atlantic Conference honors and is a member of IMPACT, United Student Government and the Society of Physics Students. He is listed in Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities.

• The M.B.A. speaker is Richard A. Fehr of Bath, director of member services for the credit union of Air Products & Chemicals Inc. He received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Penn State in 1985.

James Ravelle, Professor of Sociology, Law, and Public Management and chair of the Sociology Department, is the faculty speaker, for the sixth time since coming here to teach in 1978.
Moravian College will award honorary degrees to:

McClureMargaret L. McClure ’61, who served for 20 years as executive director of nursing, chief operating officer, and hospital administrator at New York University Medical Center. As a graduate of Moravian’s first nursing program, her presence is a tribute to the first graduating class of St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing at Moravian College. She will receive a Doctor of Laws.

TurnbullWalter Turnbull, at right, founder-director of the Boys Choir of Harlem. He will receive a Doctor of Music.  

At the Seminary commencement, the address will be given by Willard L. Harstine ’62 (M.D.V.), associate professor of pastoral theology on the Edward Rondthaler Chair of Practical Theology, who retires at the end of the academic year. He was College chaplain for four years before joining the Seminary faculty in 1986.

• The senior address will be given by John McCarthy, Madison, Wisconsin.

The seminary will award two honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees:

Wallace M. Alston Jr. founded the Pastoral-Theologian Program of the Center for Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey. 

• Rev. Virginia L. Goodman is the first woman of African descent to be ordained in the worldwide Moravian Church. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she became a charter member of the John Hus Moravian congregation in Brooklyn, where she served after her ordination in 1978.

In 1992, she taught at Lusangi Moravian Theological Seminary in Tanzania, marking the first time this community had been served by a woman pastor.

The college will award 260 Bachelor of Arts degrees, seven Bachelor of Music degrees, 67 Bachelor of Science degrees, 15 Master of Business Administration degrees, and eight Master of Education degrees.

The seminary will award 10 Master of Divinity degrees (the academic prerequisite to ordination in most denominations), four Master of Arts degrees in Pastoral Counseling, and three Master of Arts degrees in Theological Studies.

Baccalaureate 5:30 p.m. Friday, Central Moravian Church

College Commencement 10:00 a.m. Saturday, the Quad

Seminary Commencement 4:00 p.m. Saturday,
Central Moravian Church

May 13, 2003

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